Eliminator is an Aggressive Old School Thrash metal band from Vilnius, Lithuania, that began it`s journey to thrashing madness in late 2005. Band was founded by three friends - Monte, Bosistas and Karolis, and as soon as Ryklys joined up, the Eliminator was born. After a year of increasing speed techniques and playing in one team, the thrashing vision became real! The band is currently planing to record full lenght album.

Curent line-up:
Monte - guitarschleifen
Stiklas - extreme low freq
Karolis - drumgeschredder
Ryklys - vocalgrunzen

Past members:
┼Żaltys - bassmeister (Stranguliatorius/P.K.I.K.T)
Vemalas - vomitory bass (Distain)
Bosistas - low freq string ripper (Regressive)

You can write us:

www.thrashas.lt Volcanic Slut Rex Stranguliatorius